Culture Hotels

Welcome to Culture Hotels & Resorts

Culture Hotels & Resorts  is a Cultural Diplomacy based project that was initiated by the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy.  The project focuses and promotes German Culture, Values and Traditions including German daily life, art, food, music, holidays, and nature.

The hotels which are placed by lakes, mountains, main junction roads or in forests offer a good starting point for a variety of activities in Germany. They represent individual concepts with authentic hosts, and are deeply rooted in the regions in which they are located. The hotels are used as local centers for cultural diplomacy and regularly host related activities including conferences, student activities, exhibitions and local community support events focusing on politics, international affairs, economics, and culture.

Culture Hotels & Resorts offers contemporary hotels adapted to today’s more demanding and more versatile consumers who expect and appreciate nature, and culture. Whether situated in the mountains or nestled away in a country landscape each property offers a genuine experience of the German culture.

Our hotels are located near major German cities, which enables the possibility to combine visits to German Major Cities (including Berlin, Potsdam, Wolfsburg, Göttingen, Köln and Bonn).